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Goods lifts and passenger elevators are essential for the vertical transportation of people and equipment throughout any building. In any situation, a failure of the elevator system can cause immediate and possibly long lasting disruption.

In todays market, goods and passenger lifts of all types and sizes, are available from a number of sources. Due to lower production costs, the majority of lifts are of the package type, which are mass produced, in whole or in part, in Spain or Italy. However, some of these units are somewhat insubstancial or are installed in inappropriate environments.

For example, package goods lifts installed in a particular environment may well be subjected to physical assault and vandalism, or just carelessness, are likely to spend more time being repaired than transporting goods. Similarly, such an elevator may be incapable of providing the long term performance necessary in a busy factory or office block. The same analogy can be applied to passenger elevators where speed and efficiency is of vital importance.

Each environment has specific needs to be satisfied and obviously a single design cannot cater for all situations.

At Liftline, new, refurbishements and modernisations, are specified to suit the needs of the Client and focus on providing the right quality with safety and long term performance. The usage is assessed to ensure, as far as is practically possible, that the resulting solution caters not only for current known requirements but has flexibilty for the future.

In new buildings the solution is often easier, assuming the use of the building does not change. For example, an office block lift will need to transport goods including tables, chairs, stationery or even filing cabinets. In addition to transporting goods, the lift may also need to be capable of moving office personnel or disabled persons.

Lift Consultants, such as Liftline, can also assist Architects, Planners and other Engineering Consultancy companies who do not have a specialist engineer on their team. By ensuring all members of the design team are aware of the full legal requirements and restrictions, which in some cases can have a major effect on the overall design and layout of services, errors and omissions can be limited.

Existing buildings are naturally limited with regard to what can and cannot fit within the space available. On most old buildings the headroom and pit dimensions do not meet the modern criteria needed for a new installation. Liftline can undertake feasibility inspections so that any replacement installations can be maximised. It should be noted that goods only lifts are no longer allowed and unless the lifts are limited by car dimensons, all lifts must satisfy passenger requirements.

Liftline have been operating since 1987 providing a range of services across Britain. Liftline can assist on new build projects, repairs, refurbishment's and modernisation's.

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For advice on all types of goods lifts and passenger elevators, including hydraulic or electric traction, escalators or moving walkways, call Liftline.

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