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Liftline Limited is an independent Lift Design Consultancy company providing professional advice and assistance on all types of lifts and escalators.

This section has been provided to assist clients with an insight into the new EN81 European Lift Standards. These Standards replace exisitng parts of BS 5655 and align the British and European Harmonised Standards with The Lifts Regulations 1997.

With the introduction of The Lifts Regulations, a revision of the existing British and European Lift standards was required.

BS EN81 parts 1 and 2 were approved by CEN on 21st February 1998. The new standards were optional until 1st July 1999 at which time they replaced and superseded the existing standards.

EN81-1:1998 Safety Rules for the construction and installation of lifts - Electric lifts - replaces BS 5655 Part 1 1986.

EN81-2:1998 Safety Rules for the construction and installation of lifts - Hydraulic lifts - replaces BS 5655 Part 2 1988.

Both new standards include the new measures required for compliance with the Lifts Regulations 1997 which came into full force also on 1st July 1999.

These documents have been accepted by BSI as British Standards.

The EN81 group of standards has been expanded to cover other related topics including;

  • EN81-21: New passenger and goods lifts in existing buildings.
  • EN81-28: Remote alarm on passenger and goods passenger lifts.
  • EN81-70: Accessibility to lifts for persons including persons with disability.
  • EN81-71: Vandal resistant lifts.
  • EN81-73: Behaviour of lifts in the event of fire.

EN81 Part 70 is discussed more fully in other sections of this website.

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