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Liftline Limited is an independent Lift Design Consultancy company providing professional advice and assistance on all types of lifts, elevators and escalators.

Liftline can assist Architects and Planners in designing vertical transportation systems for new buildings to meet the expected passenger and goods traffic. The refurbishment of an existing lift can allow the maximum capital investment to be realised by extending the anticipated life.

Surveys are regularly carried out to provide budget estimates for future planned repairs or improvements. Aquisition surveys provide prospective buyers with vital imformation as to the true liability of the lift systems installed.

This website contains information about the company, the services offered, and, articles on various lift related subjects which we hope will prove of interest.

The Contact Us page has telephone and email details if you require more information or wish to give your comments on the site.

The Services Section describes the range and scope of works regularly undertaken and the benefits experienced by our clients.

The Company Profile includes the aims and history of the company as well as a short list of some of the works completed over the years.

Sections are included which cover important topics such as the Lifts Regulations, EN81 and the system for periodic inspections.

We are currently preparing new sections to provide useful information to our clients. Those completed are listed under Additional Info. More pages are planned for the future. Please use the contents section to explore any parts which may be of interest and to move around the site.

Jeff Cooper - Director