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Liftline Limited is an independent Lift Design Consultancy company providing professional advice and assistance on all types of lifts and escalators.

This section has been provided to assist clients with an insight into the new Periodic Examination of Lifts. These tests and examinations are referred to as LG1 and replace the former PM7 examinations produced by the H.S.E.

The new LG1, Guidelines on the Thorough Examination and Testing of Lifts emerged towards the end of 1998. These recommendations, prepared by SAFed, were adopted by the Health and Safety Executive and replaced the longstanding PM7 examinations.

The original PM7 examinations formed part of the H.S.E's Plant and Machinery Guidance Notes series developed in 1977 and revised in 1982. These notes were admittedly seriously lacking in detail, particularly with respect to hydraulic and scenic lifts. The new recommendations are much more thorough and demanding.

The new LG1 guidelines have specific sections for electric and hydraulic lifts. All recommended tests aim to increase and ensure the various safety aspects of lift installations.

SAFed, The Safety Assessment Federation, represents the interests of companies engaged in independent inspection, testing and certification of engineering and manufacturing plant, systems and machinery.

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We are indebted to Mr Richard Morgan, Technical Director of SAFed, for his assistance in the latest revision of these pages in helping to clarify the text in our previous script.

Jeff Cooper - Director

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