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In most cases the competant person (CP) undertaking the periodic thorough examination of a lift will be an inspector for the owners insurance company.

Any recommendations for additional testing will be reported to the owner who may then instruct others to perform the tests. Specifically this is likely to be the owners maintenance contractor.

Alternatively, the owner may consider completing all the recommended LG1 tests applicable to their lift at the intervals prescribed plus any additional tests required for insurance purposes. In this instance the lift maintenance contractor should advise the lift owner when specific tests are due and provide a quotation for the completion of the work.

In some circumstances, the maintenance contract itself may have included for the lift contractor to complete the old PM7 tests as and when required. In such cases the testing part of the maintenance contract should be renegotiated to include the LG1 tests.

In all events the CP responsible for undertaking the tests must complete a risk assessment to evaluate specific circumstances.

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