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LG1 - Conclusions and Comments

The appearance of these Guidelines and the removal of PM7 examinations appear to have caught out many persons, even those operating within the lift industry.

There is no doubt that in many cases they will improve the safety of many lifts in operation today.

It is considered likely that the cost of the new tests, together with the possibility of damage and the far from clear legal position, may dissuade many lift owners from carrying out the tests.

However, because owners are ultimately responsible for lifts under their control they should therefore consider the situation very carefully.

In order to reduce costs and unnecessary testing it is apparent that sensible procedures are followed.

  • Seek out the advice of the insurance company, or the company resonsibility for the thorough examination, and act upon its recommendations for additional tests.
  • Obtain quotations from various companies for the completion of specific tests as costs from company to company may vary greatly.
  • Ensure the company undertaking the tests is fully insured such that any damage costs as a result of testing can be claimed from their insurance. Alternatively apply to the owners insurance company for a policy extention to cover the LG1 tests.

An owner who can be seen to be following professional advice and guidance, from competant persons must in the long run be helping to protect themselves from danger of proecution.

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