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LG1 - The Cost Implications

It is difficult to pre-guess what costs will apply in any specific case, as the extent of any tests will depend upon the type of equipment installed. For example, hydraulic lifts within a hostile environment for which failure of the ram could have severe consequences, should, according to LG1, be thoroughly examined and tested at intervals not exceeding 10 years. The costs for completing these tests on a direct acting lift whose cylinder is located within a bore hole would be much greater than for a lift whose ram is accessible.

This new testing regime is not however without worrying consequences. The LG1 tests, as stated, are far more rigorous and extensive than the old PM7 examinations ever were. For example, LG1 recommends that existing hydraulic rams are subjected to a pressure test of 200% full load pressure for a period of five miinutes at intervals not exceeding five years.

The undertaking of such a test on an old lift, could feasibly cause damage which requires costly repairs.

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