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Mr Morgan of SAFed, confirmed that it was not the intentions of LG1 to provide a hard and fast list of necessary tests, but a series of recommended examinations which should be considered.

LOLER, in particular, refers to a competant person (CP), who is responsible for the completion of the thorough examination of the lift. Should the CP consider that additional tests are required to supplement his examination, he may recommend specific tests are undertaken so as to satisfy himself that a lift is safe to use until the next thorough examination. These tests may include all or part of the recommended LG1 tests or indeed be outside the LG1 guidelines altogether.

The decision as to what, if any, additiional tests are recommended by the CP, will be determined by his risk assessment of the condition of the lift in terms of its safety.

The person, or company, undertaking the tests themselves must also be classed as competant persons and they must carry out their own risk assessment for each specific test. For example, should the CP undertaking a pressure test on a hydraulic lift consider that the overpressure figure given in LG1 may cause damage or harm to equipment he may consider reducing the pressure limit to prevent damage whilst ensuring that the safety implications are controlled.

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