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LG1 - Scope of Application

Essentially the LG1 Guidelines for the Thorough Examination and Testing of Lifts, is recommended for all lift installations both new and old, electric or hydraulic; particularly if the lift may be considered as being a piece of work equipment in an office or factory premises or in a domestic building but which may be used by cleaners, canteen staff or chambermaids etc.

Like the PM7 examinations, LG1, lists a series of tests for which the recommended maximum intervals is given at one, five or ten yearly periods. However the LG1 tests are also given a prefix 'E' for electric lifts or 'H' for hydraulic lifts. Therefore the annual recommended tests for hydraulic lifts are given the prefix 'H1'.

The new LG1 tests should have commenced upon the expiry of the existing PM7 certification. For example, when renewal of the existing 10 year test certificate is due, the lift shall be tested in accordance with the LG1:E10 or H10 list of works as applicable. The LG1:E10 tests shall be carried out in March 2008 if the ten yearly PM7 examination was last completed in March 1998.

However, for hydraulic lifts, where no comparative tests existed before, the LG1 recommended examinations should be completed within the timescale recommended, i.e. a 12 year old hydraulic lift should be subjected to the recommended tests contained within H1, H5 and H10. The extent of such testing is discussed on our 'In Theory' page.

The LG1 Examinations are recommended for passenger and goods lifts, service lifts or dumbwaiters, platform lifts for the disabled and lifts within domestic premises. It is recommended, within the document, that domestic lifts in single occupancy dwellings should be subject to the LG1 Examinations for safety reasons.

The lift owner is responsible for keeping records of examinations or tests. A notice should be displayed in the machine room stating where the records or certificates are located.

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