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Liftline Limited is an independent Lift Design Consultancy company providing professional advice and assistance on all types of lifts and escalators.

This section has been provided to assist clients with an insight into the Lifts Regulations 1997. The Lifts Regulations were created in order to improve and equalise safety levels within lift installations throughout Europe.

The Lifts Regulations 1997 came into full force on 1st July 1999. These regulations are effective in the UK as Statutory Instrument No. 831, 1997. This is based upon the Official Journal of the European Communities number L 213 1995. This journal is known as The Lifts Directive.

The Regulations apply to all standard passenger-carrying lifts. Service lifts or dumbwaiters are excluded providing their size and arrangement prevent persons from entering or travelling within the lift car. A list of other excluded lifts is given in Schedule 14 of the Regulations.

The Regulations apply to all new lifts that are 'placed on the market' on or after 1st July 1999. This in effect means put into service and therefore available for use.

The Regulations place legal responsibility upon all parties including the Lift Contractor, Main Contractor and Building Owner, etc. Failure to comply with The Regulations may result in prosecution as detailed in Part IV of the instrument.

The Lifts Regulations 1997 are inextricably linked to a new revision of the existing European lift standards En81 Parts 1 and 2 for Electric and Hydraulic lifts.

The Lifts Regulations introduce a new person into the lift procurement system, that of the Notified Body. A Notified Body is authorised by the Secretary of State to perform certain duties. Notified Bodies appear in many areas of work, not least in the accreditation of quality systems. Several Lift Companies already quote conformity to EN29001 or EN29002 after having been assessed by a Notified Body. However, in this instance, additional requirements are placed on Notified Bodies by these regulations and at this time only a limited number of suitable companies are approved for lift work.

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