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In the majority of cases the advent of these new standards will have little bearing upon the lift installation itself. The main contractual implications will come about from the close tie in with the Lifts Regulations, notes on which are included within this site.

In the UK we have through British Standards always maintained very high standards often equal to or better than our European counterparts. Many of the changes to the old standards are obviously for the better. However in our opinion certain aspects leave a lot to be desired.

For example, in the UK BS 5655 Part 9 describes the requirements for guide rails. This standard limited guide and bracket deflections to 3mm under the action of the safety gear. EN81 allows deflections of 5mm, or 10mm on guides where no safety gear is fitted. In cases such as these the new standards are allowing a decline in the level of quality recognised in this country.

The standard focuses upon the design of package or model lifts which are favoured throughout Europe and also by the larger lift companies in this country. In the old standard, the new type machine room-less lift did not comply. However the new standards appear to have been twisted such that these Companies can market their products to the possible detriment of safety.

This website is presented in general terms and is a personal opinion. Any specific projects or situations should be assessed and examined in detail.

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Jeff Cooper - Director

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