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Lift Consultants can provide an important service to bridge the gap that often exists between the Client and the Contractor on any project involving lifts or elevators.

Frequently lift consultants find that many Contractors are mostly interested in providing their preferred products which may not necessarily suit the Client's Requirements.

Independent Elevator Consultants, such as Liftline Limited, form a professional link that can ensure the elevator system meets the needs of the Client exactly so that any necessary features, such as firefighting, disabled access or special control features are included from the very beginning.

Due to the wide range of building arrangements, hospitals, flats, council, residential, offices, stations, airports, hotels, warehouses, factories, shops etc. the range of lifts and elevators needs to be equally varied.

Although the usage of lifts in an old persons home and on a council estate may be similar they may require completely different features. The council unit may be subjected to abuse and must therefore be robust and vandal resistant, it may need CCTV cameras or flame resistant light fittings. The old persons lift may need, for example, exceptionally good levelling, large buttons and longer door open times so they can enter safely.

Similarly, installations in offices are likely to need to be just as various depending upon required usage. Are they needed to move office furnature and trollies, or the rapid transportation of persons into and out of the building or between floors when a single company may utilise several floors.

Even though the Client may have little or no knowledge of elevator design with Liftline he no longer becomes solely reliant upon the Contractor.

Liftline can fully assess the situation and can specify the lift accordingly.

Liftline can also assist Architects, Planners and other Engineering Consultancy companies who do not have a specialist engineer on their team. By ensuring all members of the design team are aware of the full legal requirements and restrictions, which in some cases can have a major effect on the overall design and layout of services, errors and omissions can be limited.

Liftline have been operating since 1987 providing a range of services across Britain. Liftline can assist on new build projects, repairs, refurbishment's and modernisation's.

Visit our website for more information on the Company. You will also find information pages on related subjects such as EN81, LG1 periodic testing and the Lifts Regulations.

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