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Liftline Limited are Independent Lift, Elevator and Escalator Consultants located in the United Kingdom.

We provide reports, specifications and advice on all types of Lifts and Elevators as well as other Vertical and Horizontal Passenger Transportation systems.

Liftline has extensive experience in dealing with Passenger Lifts and Goods Elevators in all situations, from offices to residential premises and from schools to homes for the elderly.

Liftline can also provide assistance on the following, from basic design to installation;

  • Escalators,
  • Passenger Conveyors and Travelators,
  • Motor Car and Scissor Elevators,
  • Disabled access and wheelchair lifts.
  • Hydraulic and Electric Elevators,
  • Escalators and moving Walkways,
  • Elevators designed for Firefighting within buildings.

All units are designed for maximum performance, reliability and full conformity with the required codes of practice. Recent commissions include new-build as well as refurbishment and modernisation projects.

Frequently the company is employed by Architects and Building Services Consultants to provide the specific expertise necessary to ensure that all basic requirements are incorporated at the early design stages.

If you have a problem or require professional advice on any Lift or Elevator system, please telephone or e-mail. Full contact details may be found on our website.

Click below to visit our homepage which contains more information about the company, its history and aims, to see if Liftline could help you.

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